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Materials and Structures

Research team

Team leader: doc. Ing. Petr Kuklík, CSc.

Deputy team leader: Ing. Robert Jára
  • We focus on research and development of materials and structures and analysis of their behaviour under normal temperatures and fire conditions. We develop low-energy materials, renewable materials (chiefly wood-based) and ceramic recycled materials for use in building structures and multi-purpose innovation materials (such as hydrophilic mineral wool) and promote their use in the construction industry. As part of research and development of materials, we also focus on nano technology-based intervention techniques (microscopy and micro-mechanics, including the use of nanoindentor).
  • Our research and development will use a wide range of instrumentation and devices, such as water sorption, humidity and thermal conductivity meters. UCEEB's central testing facility will include a static and dynamic testing device for samples up to 6 m high and a climate chamber system for testing of structures and materials under varying thermal and humidity conditions (together with RP1). The non-destructive testing and analysis laboratory will include a NMR spectrometer, RTG diffraction, instruments for analysis of properties of wood and a scanning electron microscope (ESEM) with under 0.5 nm resolution.



  • Ultra high-resolution FEG scanning electron microscope with EDS, WDS and EBSD detectors, including an extensive database of crystallographic data
  • Argon ion milling machine and ion ultramicrotome
  • Optical polarising microscope with a set of EC PlanNeo-fluar lenses for both and reflected and transmitted light
  • High-definition 3D binocular microscope
  • Automated lapping machine for preparation of polished sample surfaces and thin sections and a cutting machine for solid material samples
  • Nanoindentor with on-line thermal load control