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Control and Monitoring of Intelligent Buildings

Research team

Team leader: Ing. Robert Wawerka, Ph.D.

We do

  • Sensor networks design
  • Development of unique and complete sensor systems, including the processing of signal and data
  • Electronic and control elements/instrumentation proposal
  • Modeling and monitoring of building users’ long-term behavior in relation to a mathematical model and its effects to the appropriate management of the HVAC systems (creation and identification of the model)
  • Long-term nondestructive diagnostics of structures for diverse materials
  • Database systems - data storage and data presenting of buildings or industrial processes
  • Implementation of systems that adapt the energy consumption according to the actual state and price of the grid or renewable sources available

We test components of hybrid solar systems and accumulation, analyze the behavior of energy systems and their compatibility with the distribution grid, develop elements of predictive control and comprehensive design of photovoltaic energy and intelligent accumulation.


Developed technologies/products:

System for continuous moisture and humidity monitoring in wooden buildings

Monitoring of mechanical stress on glued laminated timber structures

Prediction service of sunlight intensity for solar power plants