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Architecture and the Environment

Research team

Team leader: Ing. Antonín Lupíšek, Ph.D.

Deputy team leader: Ing. Martin Volf, Ph.D. 
  • We deal with building envelopes, building physics and advanced material solutions.
  • We develop structures and other products based on renewable and recycled materials, taking into account their fire safety and acoustic quality.
  • We specialize in high-performance composite systems and components, building envelopes with integrated power functions and intelligent control systems.
  • Our research program focuses on prefabrication of energy-efficient buildings and a new generation of prefabricated curtain walls for energy-efficient buildings.
  • We build databases for a comprehensive assessment of the functional properties of buildings throughout their life cycle.
  • We quantitatively assess microclimatic conditions in an urbanized environment, such as monitoring water and energy flows across different types of surfaces, their retention capabilities, etc.


Results / Products

  • Envilop is a curtain wall system based on the wood