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Solar Laboratory SOLAB2

About the Laboratory

The Solar Laboratory SOLAB2 is equipped with indoor test stand for solar collectors with artificial sunlight simulator and out­door test stand with natural sunlight.

Indoor facility provides unique equipment that allows to achieve the solar irradiance up to 1000 W/m2 with the homogeneity of ±15 % in the interior environment on the area of 2,2 × 3,9 m.

More information:

Ing. Borivoj Šourek, Ph.D.
+420 224 356 721
borivoj [dot] sourek [at] cvut [dot] cz

Information leaflet


  • Solar simulator with artificial sunlight with indoor test stand

  • Outdoor test stand for long­term monitor­ing of solar components

  • Test stand for determining the optical cha­racteristics of transparent materials

  • Portable ultrasonic flow & heat meter for pipes DN 10 to DN 2000 for in-situ measure­ments

  • Mertel EurotestPV device for complete testing and diagnostics of photovoltaic panels and installations

  • Mass flow meters for measuring different kinds of fluids

  • Outdoor test cell (3 x 3 m) for solar components integrated into building envelope

Activities (R&D, testing)

  • Accredited testing of liquid solar thermal collectors (thermal performance, time constant, stagnation temperature)

  • Preaccreditation testing of solar collectors (exposure test, resistance to high temperature, thermal shock)

  • Development and testing of air solar thermal collectors and hybrid concepts (air-liquid, photovoltaic-thermal)

  • Optical evaluation of homogeneous and inhomogeneous glazing and prismatic structures

  • Research and development in building envelope integration of solar components

  • PV characteristics testing for PV­T collectors