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Research institutions, we offer:

  • Cooperation on research projects

We offer cooperation to applying for programs Horizon 2020, TAČR, GAČR, etc., and joint solutions.

  • Our labs‘ capability

We have modern equipped laboratories with qualified personnel for external institutions willing to outsource their research projects and challenges encountered. We can support modern non-routine testing considering different elements like insulation, energy and the monitoring.

  • Conferences and Seminar organization

Our facility has spatial and organizational capacity for organizing scientific conferences, seminars, workshops and trainings. We provide experts for scientific committees and conferences in energy-efficient buildings and industrial efficient technologies fields.

  • Consulting

Applied research in sustainable construction, renewable energy, efficient use of traditional energy sources, indoor environmental quality, eHealth, advanced measurement and control systems. Advice on trending areas related to energy efficient buildings and potential research topics for their successful commercialization.