Research and Development

UCEEB is not just another multidisciplinary research facility. Commercialization of research results, co-operation with the industry and advancement of innovation culture are as important for us as research and preparation of young professionals for their careers. We focus on research with high application potential. We are proactively identifying potential products in our research portfolio and offering them to commercial companies. Our teams include commercialization experts and we are training new ones, with emphasis on their management skills. Our contract research helps to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses in our field.

Please contact our Commercial department: bohdan [dot] vira [at] uceeb [dot] cz

The research teams and topics

Architecture and the Environment
Building envelopes and building physics with advanced material solutions.

Energy Systems in Buildings
A comprehensive focus on energy savings, optimization of energy sources and use of renewable energy sources.

Indoor Environmental Quality
Research and development of systems improving the quality and comfort of the indoor environment of energy-efficient buildings.

Materials and Structures
Research and development of materials. Analysis of structures at normal temperatures and in a fire.

Control and Monitoring of Intelligent Buildings
Design of Advanced Algorithms for Building Energy Systems Management, Efficient Use of Renewable Sources and Energy Saving. Development of new sensors for monitoring of structures, buildings, processes and environments.