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Email: frantisek [dot] wald [at] cvut [dot] cz
Phone: +420 224 354 757

prof. Ing. František Wald, CSc.

Vedoucí výzkumného týmu / Research Group Leader

František Wald works at Czech Technical University in Prague as Professor and Head of the Department steel and timber structures. In his professional life he concentrates to the connection and fire design of steel structures. In structural steel connection design Prof prepared the component model for column bases and the component based finite element model of joints. He works in ECCS TC 10 Structural joints and in Project team for preparation of EN1993-1-8:2020. Prof Wald prepared and validated an analytical model for fire design of roof sheeting using membrane action. After Sept 11 he was involved in evaluation of the first investigation of disaster. He also studied experimentally the robustness of multi-storey building in Cardington during the fire test on the experimental seven-storey building. He served as Chairman of the EU COST TU action Integrated fire engineering and response (IFER) which focussed to cooperation between the research community and fire brigades. In education prof Wald supervised 18 PhD, 120 Master and 127 Bachelor theses. He managed Erasmus Mundus Master Program Sustainable Constructions under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic events – SUSCOS_M. Ministry of the Interior 2008 Prize for Merit for Safety, CAOK 2017 Prize of Pavel Juchelka for Outstanding Contribution to the Field, ECCS 2018 Charles Massonnet Award for Finite Element Method Development with Component Components and Czech Head Prize for MERLION Project. Prof created Leonardo da Vinci project and educational materials CeStruCo Continuing Education in Structural Connections. In fire design he published textbook Wang Y.C., Burgess I.W., Wald F., Gillie, M. Performance-Based Fire Engineering of Structures, CRC Press, 2012.