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Email: nicol [dot] stankova [at] cvut [dot] cz

Mgr. Nicol Staňková

Vědecko-výzkumný pracovník / Researcher

Nicol Staňková has been awarded an undergraduate degree in course named Media Studies and Sociology, at Masaryk’s University, and consequently a master’s degree in Sociology, University of West Bohemia. She has been part of CTU UCEEB since autumn 2019, and so far she has been involved in rainwater management in urbanised landscape and implementing the Smart City principles into Czech towns and cities. Right now she and her colleagues are developing a methodology to help Czech towns and municipalities in terms of building the blue-green elements of infrastructure, and make the process easier for them. Her future lies in effective city administration, the planning process, designing public space or buildings – and using the participation design solutions in these matters. Before joining CTU UCEEB, she worked as a research analyst, specialised on quantitative research in terms of informal care taking as a member of Fond dalšího vzdělávání.