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Email: petr [dot] wolf [at] cvut [dot] cz
Phone: +420 607 818 381

Ing. Petr Wolf, Ph.D.

Vedoucí výzkumného týmu / Research Group Leader

Petr Wolf deals with photovoltaics, its use in systems working in parallel with the network, in hybrid and completely autonomous systems. An important chapter plays innovative energy source management based on weather and consumption prediction, smart grids and energy storage systems. His know-how comes was gained at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University and by practical experience in the private sector, where he worked for seven years in the design and implementation of photovoltaic systems. He took part in an internship at the University of Greece, the German Fraunhofer Institute, an expedition to Antarctica, where his task was to put into operation a hybrid photovoltaic system. He is currently working at the CTU UCEEB center on research and development projects with industrial partners in the above areas.