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Participatory Planning and Design

About the team

We are a group of social scientists and our job is to facilitate communication between technological and human world. We help design solutions in the field of architecture, urbanism, technologies and services, that involve various user groups. Our aim is to create a user-friendly innovative and sustainable solution within the given context. We are a part an interdisciplinary workplace and thus we are able to handle even complex projects.

More information:

Mgr. Tomáš Vácha
tomas [dot] vacha [at] cvut [dot] cz

We cooperate with companies, municipalities and public organisations in these areas:

  • People and buildings

  • People and cities

  • People and innovations

What is our approach?

We bring experience and needs of users into the project realisation where we can utilize these findings in a proposed solution.

People and buildings

We help design user-friendly buildings based on research of human needs and behaviour. Our services also include defining the functions of individual spaces and designing or innovating the organisational model of the building. We are part of an interdisciplinary workplace, which is why we are able to involve, for example, energy and other building experts in the project.

We are able to deliver:

  • research of user needs and behaviour of the building

  • definition of the mission of the building and the function of individual rooms

  • monitoring, evaluation and optimization of operation

  • promotion of sustainable behaviour

  • operational and organizational model of buildings

People and cities

We help cities to make informed decisions about their development. We involve citizens in the design process to identify their needs and wishes. We build on functioning, high-quality foundations of cities and enrich them with what is missing in them. Our goal is to turn cities into quality, friendly and sustainable places to live.

We are able to deliver:

  • urban analysis of a city district or municipality

  • identification of priorities and needs of different target groups

  • evaluation of qualities and shortcomings of public spaces

  • advice on new urban innovations

  • definition of the mission of public spaces

People and innovations

We support companies, NGOs and public institutions in creating quality and user-oriented services or technologies. Our focus is on social services, mobility and energetics. We take our clients through the whole innovation process starting at the user research, designing solution and testing.

We are able to deliver:

  • user research

  • design or innovation of services

  • functional testing