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Solar chimney increases the efficiency of natural ventilation


A solar chimney runs in full operation on the roof of the Buštěhrad laboratories of the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in Prague. This device uses the heat accumulated from sunlight for natural ventilation of buildings. Thanks to this, it is possible to ventilate for longer without using electric energy.

The research department of Indoor Environmental Quality CTU UCEEB manufactured a functional sample of a solar chimney that differs from similar types of devices by three glass covered cavities. In these the air heated by sun prevents turbulent flows and thus increases the efficiency of natural ventilation that works also during failures of power supply. The objective of the experimental operation is to quantify the benefits for ventilation of buildings in the Czech Republic conditions and make comparison with usual shaft ventilation. At present data are collected and continuously evaluated.

The solar chimney is 4.5 m high. It has an almost square base with dimensions 0.9 x 0.75 m. The glass covered part is glazed by thermally insulating double glass. The cavity is painted black inside and divided by two glass partitions. Rear wall and side walls are insulated by 120 mm thick thermal insulation. The chimney is topped by two wind vanes. This type is dimensioned and its construction designed to allow use for individual flats of a residential building. It may be placed on the roof or on the facade of a building. 


Princip fungování solárního komínu

Realizace funkčního vzorku a zkoumání jeho účinku bylo podpořeno Technologickou agenturou ČR v rámci projektu č. TH02030797 – Environmentálně šetrné resilientní bytové domy.