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The long-term operation of our new cogeneration unit started


In the Buštěhrad premises CTU UCEEB the long-term testing operation of a woodchips-fired WAVE 120 cogeneration unit was started, which now covers the heat demand for heating and hot water production in the main building. Thanks to this, the main building is no longer dependent on external gas supply, but fully supported by locally available wood biomass.

The unit also generates electricity using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) in addition to heat production and supplies this electric energy to the grid of the CTU UCEEB main building to drive the appliances and experimental equipment. It is basically a fully automatic woodchips boiler, which covers its own need of electricity using the heat circuit and also supplies the surplus into the local network, while other boilers need external supply of electricity from the grid for their operation.

The cogeneration unit obtained the Ekodesign certification in autumn 2020 and it is thus prepared, both technically and legally, for commercial installations in all EU member states.

The development of the WAVE 120 cogeneration unit was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the project TK01020061 Cogeneration ORC unit with 120 kW heat power on woodchips in container version.