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Laboratory of Indoor Environment – Dual Climatic Cabin

The laboratory is focused on the development in the field  of internal environment, especially on thermal well­being and on the air quality in buildings.

Experiments are carried out in the dual climatic cabin. These are used for analyzing the environment with various devices for heating, cooling and ventilation. The aim is to improve the characteristics of these devices in order to increase the quality of the environment as well as to improve the use of energy.

The dual climatic cabin has the form of two identical rooms next to each other, each having the dimensions of 4,4 x 3,1 m and the height of 2,85 m. It is situated in a controlled outer environment with the temperatures ranging from –15 °C to +35 °C.

More information:

Ing. Daniel Adamovský, Ph.D.
+420 778 403 299
dual [dot] climaticcabin [at] uceeb [dot] cz

Information leaflet

Primary Activities of the Laboratory

  • Laboratory analysis of the thermal environment and its perception by a person

  • Laboratory analysis of fluid flow using the method of laser anemometry

  • Complete analysis of internal environ­ment in real operations (thermal well­being, air quality, lighting, acoustics, electroionic environment) by measuring using a mobile set and carrying out an evaluation

  • Subjective perception of the environ­ment by users

  • Optimization of operational parameters of systems for securing the environment

  • Development and testing of new devices for heating, cooling and ventilation in rooms

  • Energetic optimization of systems of technical devices of buildings for achieving as high a quality of the environment as possible while keeping the energy consumption at minimum


  • Thermal mannequin – a model of human body simulating its response to the sur­rounding thermal environment.

  • Laser anemometry – a system for analyzing the air flow in the room based on the captu­ring of the movement of particles carried by the air.

  • Analyzers of air quality – a set of devices for measuring the concentration of common gaseous noxious agents and dust and for taking samples