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Laboratory of Hydrometeorology & Hydropedology

Primary Activities of the Laboratory

  • The laboratory is focused on a quantitative description of processes that determine micro-climatic conditions and rain water retention in city settlements.

  • Furthermore, the laboratory provides measurements of physical and hydraulic properties of engineered and natural soils that are a part of construction sites or an urban environment.

  • The laboratory carries out detailed hydrometeorological monitoring at three stationary stations on the CTU UCEEB premises in Bustehrad and at one mobile station for operative use in the field.

More information:

doc. Ing. Michal Snehota, Ph.D.
hydrometeo [at] uceeb [dot] cz

Information leaflet


  • Decagon WP4C (ability to measure water potential in any porous material at low water contents)

  • Pressure plate extractors (retention characteristics near saturation)

  • Reflectometer TDR100 (to determine e.g. soil volumetric water content)

  • Meteorological stations (2 ground based ones, 1 on the rooftop of the CTU UCEEB building in Bustehrad and 1 mobile)

  • Experimental areas (two fenced areas on the premises and roof surfaces at CTU UCEEB)

Measurement and Evaluation

  • Measurement of retention characteristics, permeability and hydraulic conductivity of porous materials

  • Monitoring of hydrometeorological characteristics (air temperature and pressure, relative air humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall amount and intensity, solar radiation, soil water content)

  • Long-term assessment of structural changes of anthropogenic soil systems