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Laboratory of Advanced Biomaterials

The Laboratory of Advanced Biomaterials is used for the preparation of nanofiber materials using electrostatic and centrifugal fiber spinning, microparticles using cryogenic grinding and ultrasound atomization as well as for the preparation of liposomes. 
Moreover, it offers other top technologies used for the characterization of physical-chemical properties of pharma- cological and biological materials

The laboratory offers accredited tests

  • Determination of structural surface morphology of nanofi using the scanning electron microscopy method

  • Determination of glyoxal using the photometric method

More information:

prof. RNDr. Evžen Amler, CSc.
+420 257 296 350
+420 608 979 660
biomaterials [at] uceeb [dot] cz

Information leaflet

Primary Activities of the Laboratory

  • Development of carriers based on nanofibers, polymeric foams, hydrogels and their composites for biomedical and technical purposes

  • Polymer applications for technical and biomedical purposes

  • Characterization and production of intelligent micro- and nano-coatings and systems

  • Nanofiber layers with thermal-acoustic insulation properties

  • Preparation of composite carriers and medical devices for tissue engineering


  • Thermal field emission scanning electron microscope VEGA 3 SBU

  • Lyophilizer BenchTop Pro XL 8L by SP Scientific

  • MultiSpin STS 1402

  • Forcespinner Cyclone™ L 1000M/D by Fiberio

  • Laser diffraction MASTERSIZER 3000 by Malvern with low-volume dispersion automated unit Hydro MV