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Industry and enterprises, we offer:

  • Customized Research and Development

We offer research and development services for: specific construction structural elements; Equipment/devices to ensure indoor environmental quality and health monitoring (application after innovative installation of energy sources or systems, for example); Energetic/economic analysis of manufactured systems/components, their operational functionality and optimization suggestion via advanced simulation methods.

  • Collaboration on Research and Development

Capable and experienced experts for joint research projects of applied research and experimental development.

  • Grant consulting

We seek for grant opportunities in R&D fields, offering consultancy and cooperation in the administration of national or international applications. Additionally we offer partnership in research projects of applied or basic research focused on energy efficiency and sustainable development.

  • Testing and diagnostics

Tests in accordance with applicable standards, or specific tests and conditions with real-time diagnostics given can be performed in our Laboratories; we provide complete documentation preparation for wood and wood-based materials products application to European Technical Assessment (ETA); we also provide accredited mechanical testing for building elements, including load tests of structures and bridges - static and dynamic tests.

  • Energy savings

We propose adjustments in the energy management of the buildings, with potential cost saving technologies suggestion – recovery of wasted heat; use of new technologies. In addition, we also offer consulting services in EPC (Energy Performance Contracting).

  • Operational costs optimization

We know the measures and technologies to optimize the cost of operation of a building. Using the best methods to manage the building systems, we can reduce the operating costs while increasing efficiency and improving indoor air quality.

  • Energetic and economic assessment

We provide energy efficiency analysis using advanced simulation methods linked to cost and return of investment, operational cost and potential savings covering the complete and complex system of a building (including used devices for heating, ventilation and cooling) and energy sources (conventional, renewable and micro-CHP).

  • Comprehensive personal health systems and assistive technologies

We propose complex solutions for personal health and eHealth systems based on biofeedback (hardware and software). We have extensive experience with the whole data cycle:  sensor -> mobile transmission -> cloud server -> data processing and presentation (in both HW and SW perspectives). We also offer telemedicine solutions to support aging healthily and simultaneous clinical and home treatment of patients in an intelligent flat.

  • Advanced nanomaterials

Development and production of micro and nano composites for medical and technical applications.

  • Legislative support

We provide advice on Czech legislation regarding energy efficiency in buildings, compliance with environmental criteria, grant programs in energy efficiency and cooperation with enterprises in innovation.