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FireLAB Fire Laboratory

The FireLAB fire laboratory is focused primarily on testing in the real scale (behaviour of surface products, of structural elements or of an object as a whole in case of fire), on testing of extinguishing and cooling with water mist, or on evacuation evaluation.

FireLAB offers  a  unique  testing  device: the Room Corner Test  to  test  behaviour of surface products of walls and ceiling or behaviour of objects burning  individually. The device is adapted for physical and chemical analysis of combustion gases, including the effects of toxicity.
In the field of fire safety engineering, FireLAB deals with mathematical  modelling of fire behaviour of constructions, of fire dynamics, and of evacuation, and it further offers expert fire safety evaluations of constructions.

More information:

Ing. Marek Pokorný, Ph.D.
+420 224 357 153
firelab [at] uceeb [dot] cz

Information leaflet

Main Activities of the Laboratory

  • Large-scale tests with real fire scenarios in interior as well as in exterior conditions

  • Determining the reaction to fire class by means of the Room Corner Test; the large-scale fire test with the sample area up to 30 m˛ that replaces a series of ordinary small-scale tests in the cases when it is not possible or suitable to test the product in a small scale

  • Calculations of the fire resistance of constructions and mathematical modelling of fire dynamics, of extinguishing and of evacuation

  • Development and optimization of structural elements from the fire safety point of view

  • Consulting and advisory activity in the field of fire safety engineering

The testing device consists of:

  • Fire chamber (2,4 × 3,6 m / height 2,4 m; testing area of walls / ceiling: 23,0 / 8,6 m˛)

  • Hood and exhaust duct with sampling probes

  • Adjustable gas burner with the heat output from 1 up to 300 kW

  • Thermocouples, radiometers, velocity probes, O2, CO and CO2 analysers and instruments for measuring the optical density of smoke as well as the infra-red spectroscopy analysis of combustion gases (FTIR)