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Electronic Systems and Diagnostics

Development, implementation and tests of electronic components and systems

The Laboratory is equipped for the development and testing of products from the stage of development of electronics to mechanical design, development of firmware and software to testing itself. The subjects of interests are primarily sensors and sensor systems that can be used in buildings. In the field of structures diagnostics are used sensors on the basis of fiber optics that are possible integrate into various building elements.

More information:

Ing. Jan Včelák, Ph.D.
+420 778 403 299
jan [dot] vcelak [at] cvut [dot] cz

Primary Activities of the Laboratory

  • Design of electronic systems

  • Development of sensors and sensor systems

  • Integration of wireless LPWAN

  • Programming of bulit-in systems

  • Development of user applications

  • Programming controlling systems and PLC

  • Mechanical design

  • Design and production of printed circuit boards

  • Design of optical sensor systems (vibration sensors, mechanical strain sensors, temperature sensors and moisture sensors)

  • Development of electronics for processing and evaluating the measured quatntities

  • Renting the laboratory instruments

  • 3D printing and prototyping


  • Electronic devices
    power sources, oscilloscopes, spectral analyzer, measuring systems, soldering workplace

  • Diagnostic systems
    thermal camera, endoscopic camera, precise accelerometers, laser measurers, magnetometers and metal detectors

  • 3D printing center FORTUS 400mc
    quick production of prototypes, modeling space of 406 × 355 × 406 mm, resolution up to 0.127 mm, materials ABS-M30, PC-ABS, PC, PC-ISO, ULTEM

  • Spectral analyzers – measured spectrum from 200 to 1750 nm, precision of measu­ring ±20 pm, dynamic range up to 60 dB

  • Interrogator – measured spectrum from 1270 to 1650 nm, precision of measuring ±1 pm, maximum number of wave chan­nels 1000, detection threshold -40 dBm

  • Laser source – C+L band, width of the spec­tral line <100 kHz, tuning step: 1 pm, output 15 dBm

  • Welding kit – Fitel S178A including the opti­cal fi breaker, quick weld in seven seconds, allows for directly welded­ on connectors