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Developers, proprietaries and building administrators, we offer:

  • Consulting for buildings projects

We advise in the complete design of energy efficient buildings, from the conceptual design through the construction and architectural solution. We help with the appropriate choice of energy sources, technical building systems (heating, ventilation and cooling) and their use.

  • Project assessment and implementation

We assess projects development and buildings reconstruction. Suitability of the design solution, achievement of potential savings, energy efficiency and choice of control system are checked and verified by us, including the subsequent implementation. We perform energy analysis simulation with advanced methods linked to investment and operating cost savings of complex technical systems of buildings (heating, ventilation, cooling) and energy sources (traditional, renewable and micro-CHP).

  • Long-term monitoring of buildings

Continue monitoring of the operation, functionality and energy efficiency of systems in the buildings.

  • Optimization of building performance

With advanced methods to perform energy flow simulations, use of innovative instrumentation and modern control systems we analyze and optimize the performance of the buildings.

  • Indoor environmental quality

We can comprehensively assess and improve the environment in buildings through advanced measurement systems and computational simulations with optimal energy consumption. We also offer cooperative work in the design of special working environments (heavy-duty workplaces, clean rooms, etc.) and in the integration of supportive tools for health and safety.

  • Integration of supportive tools to health and safety

We offer consulting and development of projects proposing and designing the implementation of health assistive technologies and collection of medical/biological data. Main relevant environments of application: nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, prime office environments, schools and the like.

  • Evaluation and certification of buildings

We perform a comprehensive evaluation of the construction, operation and demolition of buildings as an assessment basis for certification in one of following systems: LEED, BREEAM, DNGV.  

  • Consulting

We do research, prepare lectures and offer advice on trending topics related to energy-efficient construction, use of renewable energy sources and intelligent control systems.