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Control systems and optimization

About laboratory

The laboratory deals with a design, development and testing of innovative (hydronic) heating systems. At present, our research is focused on development of a distributed pump system, which is based on a so-called one-pipe topology.

A vision of our team is a heating system, which minimizes both installation costs thanks to simpler topology and operational costs by using modern predictive algorithms for heating in buildings.

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Ing. Jiří Dostál
jiri [dot] dostal [at] cvut [dot] cz

Laboratory's main activities

Main laboratory activities include the development of innovative heating systems which take advantage of advanced control algorithms, estimation, etc.

The laboratory focuses on distributed pump systems which are based on the one-pipe topology. Emphasis is placed on minimizing both operating and installation costs. The lab is equipped with a testing heating circuit and all necessary equipment for measurement and control. There is also a fast prototyping platform which is based on interconnection of a PLC Unipi and the Matlab Simulink program, with which it is possible to quickly prepare and perform experiments.


The lab has a testing device with a heating circuit with all the necessary sensory equipment and a wide range of control options for actuators. All the data is continuously recorded; in addition, the experiment can be controlled via completely remote access.

For this purpose, the team created a platform which is specifically focused on rapid prototyping and commissioning of various experimental sets.